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Danzas Chiriguanas (2019) - 5:20

Alto Saxophone

This piece was based on the local dances of Huancané region in the South of Peru. It was specially composed for the worldwide recognized pan flutist Matthijs Koene for his presentation at the November Music Festival in 2019. There are other two versions of Danzas Chiriguanas. The first one is an Alto Saxophone version premiered in 2020 by the German Saxophone player Hannah Koob in The Fontys School of the Arts and the second one is an arrangement for three flutes (Piccolo, Standard and Bass Flute) premiered in 2021 by the Greek flute player Martha Gkolia in De Nieuwe Vorst Theater in the city of Tilburg.

Danzas Chiriguanas (2019): Reseñas
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