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Bruno Culotti is a composer, teacher, and thinker. He holds a Master's degree in music composition from the Conservatory of Tilburg (AMPA). He is currently keeping himself entertained by doing a master's in Philosophy of the Mind and Psychology at Tilburg University and releasing his first album: Inspire and Conspire.

Additionally, he considers his composition style to be influenced by different musical contexts, from IDM to Peruvian Folk Music. His principal compositional influences are Jacob TV, Björk, Anna Meredith, and Deadmau5.

His repertoire includes a wide variety of different instrumentations, from only electronics to mixed ensembles or orchestras. In the past, artists and ensembles such as Matthijs Koene, Arthema Quartet, Capella Brabant, TOP Orkest, and others have performed his music.

In 2022, he cofounded Kleine Concerten, a small-format concert organizer that aims to rebrand the way of presenting Classical and Contemporary Music. He is also the composer and electronics player of the trio Difference and Repetition.

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